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Diversity - a founder's memo

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

What is diversity in this case of toastmasters club?


I started my toastmasters journey since 2011. During this journey, I encountered many people who had to discontinue their activities to attend the toastmasters meeting regularly. Due to

- Having little kids at home

- Having been pregnant 

- Having family members who need some cares

- Having huge responsibilities and busy schedule in their jobs

- Living in the places where are far from the meeting venues

- Having relocated to the place where toastmasters clubs are rare to find

- Having less confidence in public speaking in English

- Having some issues in club activities

Actually I discontinued my activities twice due to some issues internal or external conditions.

Absolutely we have diversified situations and circumstances.

This Diversity Toastmasters Club hold the meeting opportunities online.

Online activities can mitigate some obstacles for continuity.

Still we can establish good relationship in online activities, which I can ensure from my personal experiences.

We want this Diversity Toastmasters Club can be a resort for you by 

- Accepting diversity

- Promoting inclusion

- Ensuring belonging
so that you can develop yourself to achieve your goals in life.

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