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Testimonials / 体験談

TM Megumi Numata

I’ve been taking maternity leave for childcare. Time flies every day, but sometimes I get afraid if I can return to my job successfully. My life has totally changed since my baby was delivered. Especially I have fewer chances to speak in English, write something in English and attend a meeting with coworkers in foreign countries.

At that time, I encountered Toastmasters which was taught from my husband’s teacher in his company. Actually I know a textbook published by Toastmasters which was used in my English lessons last year, therefore, I felt there was a kind of fateful link. I searched Toastmasters club right away and found Diversity Toastmasters club at which I can attend meetings online from my place with my baby. I joined it as a guest without makeup, but I found video application was used at this meeting, by which we can share lots of smiles and cheers. The atmosphere was not only very friendly but also polite and I found there were specialists for public speaking. As soon as I joined the meeting, I decided that I would like to be a member of this club to study English and enjoy speaking with members in this club.


In addition to that, I like the name of Diversity. I had a member of a committee for promoting Diversity in my company. We mainly promoted the understanding and inclusion of gender, nationality and senior, but realized that there were other important differences such as experiences, positions, values etc. This Diversity Toastmasters club is exactly like that. Members are truly diversified. This club members come from various countries and also have various backgrounds, which is also a characteristic point of this club.


Please join us from anywhere! Diversity Toastmasters club will accept everyone! I look forward to talking with you soon.

TM Surat Vangrattanachai

Public speaking skill is always a very hard work for me in daily working life. 

I always try to find a way and techniques to help me overcome my fears for public speaking.
So I challenged myself to be a member of Diversity online Toastmasters Club.

I always join the club from Thailand after I get off work. 

Every time when i join the online meeting I am always impressed in a friendly atmosphere with positive feedback that can encourage and motivate me to improve public speaking skill more and more. (I have found many professionals that can be my idols then I would like to be like them.)


I believe that this club will be sustainable growth until become the number one online toastmasters in the nearly future. 


Please join us for fun and exciting online Toastmaster meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

TM Naoki Yoshino

Welcome to Diversity Toastmasters Club!

My name is Naoki Yoshino. I’d like to share my personal reason I joined Toastmasters.


When I worked in Hong Kong almost four years ago, one day I attended an online panel discussion that our business school arranged as one of the graduates. The topic was “Global Leader”. The facilitator started the session nicely. She said, “Where will we go? How can we go? Why do we need to go?” If you can answer these questions, you are the leader. Hi, Gentleman from Hong Kong, what do you think of it?” My mind went blank from nervousness, I only said a few words, but I couldn’t weigh in my opinion at all. It was miserable and I was ashamed of myself. It was obvious that I couldn’t express myself in English even though I lived and worked overseas. 

I knew Toastmasters long time before the event. However, I hesitated to join Toastmasters because of the poor English ability but this miserable experience gave me a push on my back. After I had been Toastmaster for one year in Hong Kong, I moved to India and joined another Toastmasters Club. The purpose of joining Toastmasters was simply to improve my English skill but it always helped me adjust myself to new environment, learn different culture and ideas, and enjoy togetherness with fellow members.

That’s why, if you think your English ability isn’t good enough to join Toastmasters, I’d like you to change your mind right now. We are always ready for supporting you!

An America cartoonist Charles M. Schulz said, “My life is like a coloring book! Each day I have a new page with new pictures to color.” 
Diversity Toastmasters Club also has a new page with new pictures to color in every single moment. And we are artists with different colors, different backgrounds, and different ideas. You can select your favorite color and paint it the way you want. Let’s make a beautiful picture together!

TM Jota Nakai


Dear professionals,


My name is Jota Nakai, and I would like to share my lessons learned in career growth "serendipity."


As a brief introduction, I am currently a Commercial Manager in Product Group. Over the course of my 37 years with Caterpillar, I got to work in a manufacturing plant. For several years, I even worked at a marketing & sales organization, then moved to a product design center, and product groups. My career has been about evenly split between Manufacturing, Product Development, and Product Group.

Some employees asked me: "What did you like best?" or "What's been the highlight of your career so far?"
My answer is “Everything!” May it sound strange?

Honestly saying, none of those jobs I sought or expected. I was not able to predict or anticipate my exact career journey. In such an environment, my advice is the following: Remain open to unsought paths by adopting a flexible approach to professional life. Be curious, seek new learning like a sponge, nurture a sense of adventure and relish in the element of surprise.

Diversity TMC contribute your “serendipity”.
Seeing is believing, please visit our on line Toastmasters meeting.

TM Mikiko Bando

I am Mikiko Bando, a thirteen-year-old Toastmaster. My first step to join the Toastmasters Club was very simple. I wanted to overcome my stage fright. 

As a juku teacher and a housewife, I didn’t have any opportunities to speak in public. When I joined the basic public speaking course for adults at the local university, I noticed I couldn’t handle my heart beating much faster in front of other students. Coincidentally, one Toastmaster joined that class and invited me to her Toastmasters Club. Her warm support has encouraged me to continue my commitment as a Toastmaster. Since then, Toastmaster has expanded my small vision through countless opportunities. Visiting Thomson Reuters Rooters TMC is one of them. (See the picture with then President Marcia, and two members Mimi and Noam on March 7th,2014.)

Encountering the Diversity Toastmasters Club is a kind of long-waiting miracle for me.
At first, I was amazed at the perfect control of the meeting program as well as friendly atmosphere through the screen.
I believe that we, Diversity members, are Toastmasters who make most use of the Zoom function and create a variety of gathering twice a month over the geographical boarder.
I am grateful to be part of it.


Dear all, my name is Aaron, a global toastmasters for 11.5 years (Member of 4 clubs in different districts) and founding chairperson of Project Infinity 7 years ago, a Toastmasters community striving to connect the world of online attendance as well as supporting online clubs, while focusing on 15 different aspects in the world of Toastmasters- Saving struggling clubs/ helping the disabled community (e.g.) I love supporting clubs (370 clubs till date) and engaging with cultures around the world.

It’s a pleasure to see another online Toastmasters club growing. After visiting all online clubs and even chartering one on my own, I only will give testimonials to clubs that truly deserve one from me in terms of authentic uplifting Toastmasters experience and so far I have given to only two 100% online clubs. This will be the third club that greatly deserves a stamp of approval from me. 

Some highlights of this club: Being a great friend to Tokushima Toastmasters as the Past president of Victoria as a form of partnership, the Japanese culture in Toastmasters is more on your personal growth and experience. Most clubs around the world have to be briefed on minor details and facts. However, in this club, you will see seasoned Toastmasters guiding and helping you grow as a public speaker, not just on the video, but in overall traits, without even being briefed. The reason? Their assistance comes from the heart to see you grow. Moreover, their overall hospitality is second to none, to the online clubs that I have approved, Competitivecommunicators being innovative and open minded, Gobeyond being passionate on growth, Diversity deserves the title of being truly diversified with great hospitality. You will see why, once you join this meeting.

Now, you may still hesitate to try an online meeting. Let me clear up a bit more for your understanding.
Online clubs has a special function, and one may challenge that it’s more on virtual meeting and there is lack of physical interaction. I beg to differ on that part. Online clubs allow more flexibility to your working schedule or other committees, or for inspirations, that you can join in the meeting anytime, anywhere, through phone, through laptop or even a tablet. Even if you are late, you can still connect in and enjoy the wonderful speeches within Diversity. The removal of a venue saves costs that can be focused on the online experience. It also trains your eye contact, focus on the online attendees and enhance on your listening skills, that Toastmasters will hone you on. Every type of Toastmasters clubs has its own specialty and online clubs do have its advantage over breaking the cultural barriers, connecting the world and opening up to many great feedbacks that can be helpful in your journey as a confident public speaker and an inspiring leader. 

Are you ready for the next big challenge? Tapping into a terrain that has been tested for a long time and just need your urge to try something new?
Take the next step.

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